Sketchbook Project 2011

I have neglected my blog recently, I know. So in order to have a little update, I am posting the first two "double" pages of my sketchbook. These are for the Art House Sketchbook Project 2011 I'm participating in. It's a wonderful thing to be part of, so if you haven't had a look make sure to check it out and maybe even participate, if you find the time. I'm very much enjoying it and will keep you posted as I'm progressing with this.
The topic I chose is storybook, so the story started will have to be continued...soon, I promise.


  1. ..great new look, your 'double'illos..
    wonderful sketches,textures and colors..

  2. Ui. Und eine neue Blog Überschrift-Zeile, die mir auch sehr gefällt.

  3. Omg doing the Project too and haven't tried mine yet, but yours looks gorgeous already!

  4. Hey! I like the new polish of your blog. Real nice. And I like the illos, they are great and lively! Keep up and show us more! xox

  5. Hey there, Maria. I had to scroll down first to make sure that this was actually your blog. Haha! But of course it is yours! There aren't many Maria Bogades with the same brilliant work. (^-^)

    Well, the new look is wonderful on your blog, and these sketches are just lovely. I definitely love Kitty and Bert! :))

  6. Thank you everyone!

    @T.: Danke schön! Das alte war dann doch irgendwie langweilig!

    @Amalia: Well, I needed a little change. You know what I mean. Still here tho, still me ^___^

  7. wow this is so imaginative and lovely!
    I have been neglecting my sketchbook project of late... but this is really inspiring!


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