Announcing the Winner of my GIVEAWAY

So amazed how many people have actually entered my giveaway and spread word about it. So thanks to you all!!!!
And here we go. The lucky winner of my little giveaway is Marloes de Vries. You should pay her blog a visit, there is a lot of wonderful stuff up there.I will be in touch with you, Marloes,  via email to find out what kind of chocolat you would like to have and where to send it to. I will make sure the chocolat will not mess up the ink illustration or postcards.


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! This is incredible!!! I rarely win anything! I think the last time was when I was 10 and entered a coloring contest! I'm so excited!

  2. I will get the dark chocolate for you and you will soon have it all in your mail! ^___^

  3. Congrats Marloes!
    (gefeliciteerd met het winnen van deze give-away!!)


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