Beach Holiday with a Cat (IF "remedy")

The remedy against the heat
seemed to be a bath in the open sea.
Little Kitty couldn't  quite agree.
It just was so very wet and fidgety!

Not the best rhyme, I know. This is another new portfolio watercolour piece. I got myself some new colours and will take more care of my colour scheme from now on when working in watercolours. This is something that is more easy when working digitally but I think it is important to take care of the colours as the illustrations just get a more clear "design". I only used seven colours in this illustration and I really like the outcome.


  1. Very Cute:) Lovely illustration♥

  2. Great watercolour piece. I like the kitty arching it's back, the pose of the little girl, her lifesaver pattern, all very pretty! A swim is always a wonderful relief from the heat.

  3. You really captured the body language of a wary cat!

    When I looked at your Wee Granny post, I realized I had drawn a similar Granny for my post this week---I think yours is a little more lively though.

  4. pretty illustration! so cute how both of them don't reaaally want to go into the water ;)

  5. Thanks so much for your comments, very much appreciated!

    @Jane: Indeed, checked it out straight away!

  6. Very nice, love the perspective and body language.

  7. lovely illustration and congrats on your books!!


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