HarperCollins "Getting Dressed" - New Book Released

I have some new work to share with you all. The book I illustrated earlier this year for HarperCollins educational series Big Cat "Getting Dressed" has been released.
It is a small book that shows children how to dress according to the changing wheather outside.
I illustrated this book in my digital style. As the deadline was pretty tight I only had three weeks to do all of the final illustrations. I really had to work out a schedule in order to meet the deadline and also deliver high quality artwork. I met the deadline and the client was very happy with the results. So all good in the end!

I had lots of artistc freedom with this project, which I enjoyed very much. The brief was very open and they sort of handed the manuscript to me telling me to just leap ahead. The character I designed for the book was approved straight away. I had to revise some of my roughs, mostly because another background was wanted in one of the illustrations and they wanted to have a few more frontal views of the girl.
The colour scheme is rather girlish especially in her room, which I don't do so much but had lots of fun playing around with. So here are some illustrations from the book, I hope you enjoy it!


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