Illustration for the Frankfurt Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition 2011 (if "boundaries)

As promised earlier today here comes the illustration I did for the exhibition at the Frankfurt Book Fair this October. I heard about the exhibition quite last minute and as all artwork has to be handed in 15th September I used the weekend to get it done.
The exhibition is organized by the illustration foundation and is held during the whole time of the fair at the "Illustrators Corner" in hall 4.0. All the illustrations showcased will be for sale and half of the money will go to the illustration foundation. It is the first exhibition of that sort at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
The theme of the exhibition is "childhood" and the organizers gave around 60 or something quotes and aphorism to go with the theme one could create an illustration to.
I chose a Marcel Proust quote stating (sorry for my lack of giving a proper translation): "Maybe the days lived most intense of all days of our childhood, are the ones we thought we wasted: the ones we spend reading our favourite book".
As I am a great fan of books this had to be my quote. I also had the idea for the girl reading secretly at night under her blanket straight away. She obviously enjoys her book very much and so do her companions. It is again a watercolour painting which I enjoyed doing a lot after just finishing my book, which was illustrated all digital (I will tell you more about this when it is released early next year).


  1. so very sweet and adorable...I like the have put in this one!

  2. Thanks to all of you! Very much appreciated!

  3. I love this a lot, the pattern on the curtains and the way the animals are lying on the bed especially. It also reminds me of myself!

  4. So beautiful. I love the details and the use of light. just lovely.

  5. This is simply gorgeous. Your rendering of the lacey fabric is outstanding

  6. Such amazing piece of art has been shared here,, love to watch them,,

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