Bear - Greeting Card

Unbelievable but it's only a week until Christmas. I am still in the midst of a picture book commission and preparations for our own family Christmas activities.
The card below is also the illustration I am using this year to send out to clients and potential clients. It is a watercolor illustration with a bit of digital touch up. For instance the sky and foreground were put together using Photoshop, although both were created traditionally. I also used a bit of collage in this one with the presents.

Well, I hope there is a cuddly bear close to you making sure all your presents arrive in time! This one is in a real hurry but having lots of fun in the snowy mountains.


  1. looks like he is having a great time! Great picture.

  2. So süß, Maria, einen schönen Abend wünscht dir Inga

  3. Thanks so much & lieben Dank :-)!


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