Kollie Books Giveaway

I have been postponing this blog post far too long, but life and work kept me too busy to get it done. But here I am on this rainy Sunday afternoon finally taking the time and typing away.
Yes, I am about to give away a copy of "Kollie op the fiets" and a copy of "Kollie in de creche", both in Dutch and published by Clavis.

But before we get down to the giveaway business, I would like to share a bit of the process of the illustrations with you. As mentioned in my previous post about how I was commissioned with the books, I had very little time to get them both done. All in all I think it was merely 8 weeks for both from draft to finished artwork. But I made it and am even happy with the outcome.

The best part of this commission was getting to draw animal characters. I had a lot of fun thinking up what the different characters could be. And to enhance the fun all these animals should and could be from around the globe. Kollie is the main character and a tiny koala, this was already settled in the brief. But I got to come up with what all the other tiny animals could be. So I made Kollie's best friend a monkey.
I sketched the books and send the sketches in for feedback. Revisions were minimal so I could almost directly start on the final art. To safe time I skipped the storyboard and did the full size sketches right away. Here are just a few sketches with English text. As I do not speak Dutch, the publisher translated it for me, although the books are not published in English so far but will also be available in French and Danish soon.

Roughs for "Kollie in de creche"
For the final illustrations I wanted a look not too digital but also soft and bright in colors. So I created lots of watercolor textures and scanned them in to use them as my flat colorshapes I would then add shading to give the objects a more three-dimensional look and create some more depth if needed. The advantage of using scanned in textures of watercolor or whatever other medium is, that the illustrations get a nice handmade touch and feel to them and it also accelerated my drawing speed. As creating a similar effect without using textures takes a lot more time and seems impossible to me, but maybe this is just me.

Process of creating the final art for "Kollie in de creche"
Final art from "Kollie in de creche"
I ploughed away on the final art and voila, here we go with your chance of winning a copy of either "Kollie in de creche" or "Kollie op the fiets".
You can only win one book, which means I will pick two winners randomly at the end. All you have to do to be counted in is:
1. leave a comment here on my blog or on my Facebook page.
2. If you want to double your chances you can also share the following tweet: I just entered the Kollie books giveaway on @mariabogade 's blog!

The winners will be announced 24th March 2013 (just before I leave for Bologna). Good luck!

"Kollie op de fiets" published by Clavis


  1. I would love to win a book! Such lovely illustrations!

  2. I found your artwork on twitter and how glad I am for that!! I'll visit your blog more often. Lovely work!! :)

  3. Maria,
    I just love your style. If you had to draw and paint everything by hand, would it have been possible to finish by your deadline? I ask, because I'm an artist who does everything the hard and long way. :-)

    1. I think, yes I would have been able to accomplish this too, but would have had to develop a certain routine, like working on multiple pieces at once, to make it happen. The term by hand is a bit odd to me, as even if I draw digitally, all is done by hand too, as I use a Wacom Cintique. The paper is simply exchanged for a screen I draw on. The advantage simply is not to having to wait for colors to dry and not to having to worry if a brush stroke goes wrong, as I can simply undo it, which can be such a relief, when working under tight deadline :-). Hope this is a bit useful.

    2. Hi Maria,
      Thanks you so much for taking time to explain your process.
      And all the best with your trip.
      And your postcards and materials look awesome! :-)

  4. Lovely, as always, Maria! Funny that it is in Dutch!! :D

  5. Beautiful! How in the world did you develop this in 8 weeks? Simply amazing.

    1. Thank you, Lauri! I honestly don't know how I got it done, it simply did work out and I guess the whole concept and story spoke to me that it just happened to be an enjoyable project that I could literarly plough through.


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