Week 4 of Lilla Rogers Course - Wall Art

We are already way into week 5 of Lilla Rogers e-course "Make Art That Sells" but I had no time to write up a little something about week 4 yet. I cannot believe how fast this course is going by and how many things I am learning. I really discover so many new things while seeing to the assignments every week. It helped me push myself as an artist I did not think about or expect to happen when signing up for it.

Week four was all about Wall Art. What I loved most about this market and the assignment that went with this week was the freedom and painterly approach. The market leaves room for so many things, as Wall-Art is needed not only for adults but also for kids not to mention the different rooms and occasions one might go crazy about. But the fun part was really to paint and collage, which was what we were to do. We had to create one or two pieces and use colours according to our star sign, which made me end up with blue and red, which are in fact some of my favourite colours I happen to use quite a frequently in my art. The pieces we were to create should be painterly to abstract using collage, real paint and type with some kind of quote or maybe just a word and also some kind of plants. Of course we could go loose and explore.

So what happened with my piece? After some pondering I went to the shop, got myself some wood plates and drew on them. A first time for me and also the collage was new to me in that way, as I hardly ever use that technique. I also did some linoprint for the background to create a bit of an abstract pattern to go with my pods. The flowers I drew with acrylics and collaged them on the wood plate. The type I added digitally as I was too afraid to screw up and ruin my piece. The text I used is inspired by one of my favourite poems and poets J.v. Eichendorff. Can you guess which poem it might be?


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