Happy New Year - "resolutions"(IF)

This year went by so quickly and so many things have happened that I wouldn't have dared to dream of when it first started. One thing was starting this blog, which led to meeting lots of wonderful and talented people. And this again led to finally going really after my dream of becoming a children's book illustrator, which has also been a wonderful journey, that is still going on and will go on for a long time I hope.
My resolutions are of course very different from those of my Monster. He promised himself not to eat as much pumkin any more and to try some other vegetables and recipies too. We will see what comes of it.
Wish you all a happy new year!

Winter (IF)

It just happened I drew these kids recently and then the topic for illustration friday came up, so I just had to post them to go with the prompt.
I hope you are all warm and cozy!

Merry Christmas "Mail"

It is this time of year again and I have to admit I just really love it. So this is my little "mail" to wish all the people, who are celebrating this holiday no matter where you are, (but hopefully you could catch a flight or train to get to your families in time) a wonderful christmas.
I even have a little gift for you. This is the cover illustration I did for "Dream Chasers Magazine" January/Febuary 2011 edition, released only a couple of minutes ago. You can get a copy right here, if you like.

Cookies Recipe

This is another illustration I did for "They Draw & Cook" created and run by Nate and Sally. It actually is for their holiday contest. A lot of other artists followed the call and everyday during this month they will be posted on their site. So if you are still in need of some wonderful christmas recipes you should take a look at their site and try some of them.

Little News

Two wonderful news I have to share with you, the first being, that the wonderful project "They Draw & Cook" initiated by Nate Padawick and Sally Swindel is getting more and more attention. Last week thursday Associated Press new service did an article about the project featuring a few illustrations, including mine. The article was picked up by lots of others, one of the first being TimesUnion .
The second exciting news is, that the "Dream Chasers Magazine" issue with my illustration for Sarah Bash-Gleason's poem and a full page interview article about me is out now. So if you still have some money to spend you might want to get your copy right here .

Monster's favourite PumpkinSoup (IF "spooky")

As Halloween is getting nearer and the deadline for submisions for the They Draw & Cook project was announced, I decided to do this illustration to serve both. My post isn't up yet and I hope, that not too many had the same idea. We'll see. I'm sure most of you know there site, but in case you haven't heard of it you should have a look.
I really enjoyed doing something different characterwise. After pondering a little what to do I went for this little monster and some ghosts.

Red Balloon (IF "transportation")

Some of you might have seen this illustration over at society 6 or even on my portfolio site already. Nevertheless, as it so much fits this weeks prompt I thought I also post it on my blog. It is again a piece I did for self-promotional material. I just recently received the postcards and businesscards from the printers and am very satisfied with the outcome. So now I will have to send them to publishers. Still a lot of work ahead with sorting through adresses and creating a mailinglist.

I really fancy a ballon ride even though those two have some trouble with keeping their mail in place due to some wind as it seems. But there is something really fascinating about it. I think it is because you can feel the wind on your face when taking off with a ballon and you can indeed see your environment from a completely different perspective, just like a bird. There is something romantic to it, not in this illustration though, but in my imagination.
So I hope you enjoy it! Let your imagination take you somewhere wonderful!

The New Toy (IF "beneath")

It's been a while since my last IF post. This illustration was initially done for promotional material and for my portfolio.
The little fellow and his huge new toy are lying beneath the starry sky in his bedroom. Probably after an adventurous day full of games and laughter. There is nothing better than having this one toy you love as a kid and still remember when you are grown up and maybe even have little ones of your own and see them having there best "toy-friend", be it a teddy bear, a doll or any other thing.

I hope you enjoy it! Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Sketchbook Project 2011 Post 2

As I have written earlier, I am participating in the Art House Sketchbook Project 2011. I found some time to continue with my sketchbook and wanted to share the new pages with you. The story I'm telling will hopefully turn out as entertaining as it is in my mind. We will see. You can find the first two spreads here.

I hope you enjoy it. Maybe I will see some of you at the Art House site aswell, just drop me a line. There are so many people involved already and so many great sketchbooks in the making you should really check out the Art House site.

Moonlight Talk for the OutSmart Project 2010

This illustration was created for the above named OutSmart Project 2010. It is a "fan project" based on a brief which invites illustrators to create whatever illustration they have in mind with a Smart in it. The project will be published digitally and also presented online later this year. If you want to take part and haven't heard about it yet check out the OutSmart Blog. You will also find the brief there.

I decided to give my illustration a little lovestory. The two lovers are on a shore in the moonlight. Maybe it is their first date, maybe they just enjoy having each other for whatever time their lives have been entangled. As to emphasize the romantic feeling it just had to be a moonlit night and of course they got to this beautiful place with their little smart.

little sketch for IF

I made this little sketch for IFs new prompt "artificial". The little girl created an artificial friend to play cards with. I know, this may seem a bit sad, but sometimes you have no other choice as a kid, if no one wants to play the exact game you have in mind right now. So why not make up a friend, that just does everything you want. Doesn't sound bad to me.
I actually used this little illo to practice my inking skills a little, as they are rather poor to be true. I really have to get better at this. But there seems to be no other way then doing it as often as possible and someday finding the right technique that goes well for oneself.
This is really a quick one, so I hope you enjoy it anyway and have a great weekend everyone!

Sketchbook Project 2011

I have neglected my blog recently, I know. So in order to have a little update, I am posting the first two "double" pages of my sketchbook. These are for the Art House Sketchbook Project 2011 I'm participating in. It's a wonderful thing to be part of, so if you haven't had a look make sure to check it out and maybe even participate, if you find the time. I'm very much enjoying it and will keep you posted as I'm progressing with this.
The topic I chose is storybook, so the story started will have to be continued...soon, I promise.

whale linoprints

I enjoyed making the last two linoprints so much that doing another two just felt about right. They are again available over at kelly light's wonderful blog ripple for a donation of 10$ each. (Don't know for sure when they will be up tho.) The money goes straight to The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and The International Bird Rescue Research Center in order to help the animals threatened by the oil spill.

jellyfish for the ripple project

I've been experimenting a little with watercolour and lino cut. The two prints shown above are available over at kelly light's wonderful blog ripple for a donation of 10$ each. The money goes straight to The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and The International Bird Rescue Research Center in order to help the animals threatened by the oil spill.

at sunrise

As you can guess by the title of this illustration it was originally intended for last weeks IF. Unfortunately I couldn't finish it in time. Nevertheless here it is and that little birdie better not "slither" of that tiny twig, because the kitty surely will have nothing to object to that breakfast.
Hope you enjoy it!

daughters and sons

It's been a couple of days since my last post. Life kept me busy but here finaly is another new illustration. The idea of a sunny day with a family came to me, well I don't know why as it seems to be constantly raining since a couple of weeks. So probably this is my wishful thinking, that the sun will return soon.
After sticking to watercolours for my last illos, I went again digital with this one. I also tried a new format. Thought it suited the whole scenery fine and I felt it gives those figures some space to actually use their "equipment" and cycle along the way.

dreaming Fairy

This is my new watercolour illustration with inked outlines and some work in progress images, to let you see how I ended up with this one.
Even though I wasn't all to happy with the butterflies in the first place, I think I can live with them now and decided against redoing them in Photoshop.
The Fairy and her companion the bird are dreaming, what about, I don't know, maybe you can tell me. Anyway, I hope you like it.

girl with the hat

I'm not completely sure, but I reckon I rather leave it like it is before messing it up. The photograph isn't as nice as the original piece as it has really soft colours. I decided against any outlines as I think it would destroy the airy feeling it has to it.

girl with the hat WIP

Here are some WIP pictures I've taken from my new watercolour illustration. The colours never seem as nice as on paper. I want to keep it as light as possible but with some nice lighting going on. Gonna be tough but I try to do my very best. I've got to leave it for now, as to get a fresher eye to it again and not messing everything up in the process. Anyway, let me know what you think.

girl with the hat sketch (IF 'ahead')

This is a sketch for a watercolour illustration I'm working on right now. Thought it fits with IF's topic 'ahead'. As I don't know whether I will be able to finish it in time I thought, I post the sketch first. I often like my sketches more than the final work. The roughness sometimes seems more appealing to me but would look odd in a final illustration with everything else as neat as I can possibly get it done.
I will post the watercolour as soon as I'm done with it.

the detective (IF)

Here comes another illustration for Illustration Friday. I went again purely digital. Thought it would be quicker, but honestly I don't really know whether this is any true.

I tried to add as much details as possible, so you guys get to see something and sneek around just like the detective in the image, trying to figure out what this is all about and what your case might be. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did drawing it.
Might do a little fix up here and there, 'cause I'm not completely happy with the outcome yet. We'll see.

the boy with the birds (IF "linked")

I linked quite few things in that image. Obviously the birds and the girls are linked. What actually links the girls apart from the birds to the boy feeding them is up to your imagination.

I mixed digital with coloured pencil this week. Just trying out different things. The image surely could need some more work, but I thought I post it now, as not to be as late as last week.
Comments are always welcome.

the pond (IF "dip")

I know I'm really late with my post for this weeks IF. Anyway here it finally comes. I decided to go again with watercolours 'cause I have the feeling of being in need of far more practice. Hope you guys enjoy it.

sunday mornings

Just finished this one for Monday Artdays topic "awake". This little young lady doesn't really want to get up even though she is awake. The cat definitely agrees with her, who can blame them.

the kite (IF "rescue")

This week i'm posting an image done completely with watercolours. I haven't used them in a while, but it was quite fun. To get a feeling of depth i cut out a few pieces and stuck them heightend with some cardboard to the rest of my image. I kind of like the effect, even though i don't know whether it comes out right in the photograph.
The two little kids had some trouble with their kite and are now about to rescue it from that huge tree. I know it's spring by now but i hope you guys still enjoy it.

gone (for IF "expired")

Sometimes you should be careful with the fruits you choose. This little fellow wasn't at all lucky with the choice he made. Might not be a very inventive idea for this weeks topic "expired" but thats truly all i could come up with.

the cave (for IF "subterranean" & MA "castaway")

So this is my entry for this weeks topic "subterranean". Somehow i seem to be stuck with blue colours. Tried some acrylic this time for a little change.

Just posted it on Monday Artday aswell as it seems to be fitting the topic "castaway" too.

listening to music

Hoping that listening to Vivaldi might help bringing the spring back.

little birds

these are some acrylic drawings i did couple of days ago. as spring is getting nearer they just seem to fit.

first post ever

this is an drawing/collage i did quite a while ago. just posted it to see if everything is working.
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