"If I Was You" submission

I recently  participated in an illutration project organized and run by Sandra Dieckmann, a London based illustrator doing wonderful art herself. The great idea of her project "IF I WAS YOU" is, that every artist gets to draw an illustration that is somehow connected to his/her predecessor. Mine was Murray Somerville and I drew something that was connected to what he told in the three questions every artist has to answer. You also have to give a statement 'If I was....".
All the artists up on the project site are a very fun mix and sure worth checking out. So here is my illustration but in order to see what I would do if I was Murray you have to stop by the IF I WAS YOU -site. I cannot give everything away here, right?

Wish you all a Happy Easter!

In Retrospect of the Bologna Book Fair 2011

I know I am a bit late with this post but things got quite hectic here with illustration comissions (which I will tell you more about in a couple of months).

The Bologna Book Fair, which I attended for the very first time this year, was wonderful. It was very busy, as one might guess, but there were also some things which I would definately like to share with you apart from the tip to defintely try some ice-cream in italy, it's simply the best.

Anyway, what I really liked about Bologna, apart from meeting other illustrators, publishers and editors was the illustration exhibition. I am sorry I forgot to take pictures of this, but it was lovely. Then there was also a special exhibition of artists from Lithuania. Not only the way the illustrations were presented to the viewer was really nice, the artwork itself was beautiful. Sometimes there was even a full book put in a slide next to some illustrations, so you got the chance to sit down and have a little read too.

Another thing I really liked and honestly wished I'd known about before jumping on my train was a wall close to the entry of the Fair. This very wall was covered with uncountable postcards, some posters, business cards and even some handcrafted artwork all from illustrators showing their work and basically giving promotional material away to anyone who passed by. I got told by an editor I met with in Bologna, that publishers really take the time to have a look at that wall and take things they like with them. So if you ever go to Bologna and haven't heard about it yet, make sure to have something in your suitcase for that specific wall.

During the whole time of the fair there were also lots of exhibitions. I only managed to go to one of them, which was in a tiny gallery somewhere in Bologna (my map took me there and helped me not to get lost). The stroll to the gallery was about the only time I managed to have a peak at the town itself, as I was staying close to the fair district on a campsite. Bologna is surely worth a second visit and surely not only to attend the fair again, which was great (and stressful at the same time), but also to get to see more of the old town centre.

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