little sketch for IF

I made this little sketch for IFs new prompt "artificial". The little girl created an artificial friend to play cards with. I know, this may seem a bit sad, but sometimes you have no other choice as a kid, if no one wants to play the exact game you have in mind right now. So why not make up a friend, that just does everything you want. Doesn't sound bad to me.
I actually used this little illo to practice my inking skills a little, as they are rather poor to be true. I really have to get better at this. But there seems to be no other way then doing it as often as possible and someday finding the right technique that goes well for oneself.
This is really a quick one, so I hope you enjoy it anyway and have a great weekend everyone!

Sketchbook Project 2011

I have neglected my blog recently, I know. So in order to have a little update, I am posting the first two "double" pages of my sketchbook. These are for the Art House Sketchbook Project 2011 I'm participating in. It's a wonderful thing to be part of, so if you haven't had a look make sure to check it out and maybe even participate, if you find the time. I'm very much enjoying it and will keep you posted as I'm progressing with this.
The topic I chose is storybook, so the story started will have to be continued...soon, I promise.

whale linoprints

I enjoyed making the last two linoprints so much that doing another two just felt about right. They are again available over at kelly light's wonderful blog ripple for a donation of 10$ each. (Don't know for sure when they will be up tho.) The money goes straight to The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and The International Bird Rescue Research Center in order to help the animals threatened by the oil spill.
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