sunday mornings

Just finished this one for Monday Artdays topic "awake". This little young lady doesn't really want to get up even though she is awake. The cat definitely agrees with her, who can blame them.

the kite (IF "rescue")

This week i'm posting an image done completely with watercolours. I haven't used them in a while, but it was quite fun. To get a feeling of depth i cut out a few pieces and stuck them heightend with some cardboard to the rest of my image. I kind of like the effect, even though i don't know whether it comes out right in the photograph.
The two little kids had some trouble with their kite and are now about to rescue it from that huge tree. I know it's spring by now but i hope you guys still enjoy it.

gone (for IF "expired")

Sometimes you should be careful with the fruits you choose. This little fellow wasn't at all lucky with the choice he made. Might not be a very inventive idea for this weeks topic "expired" but thats truly all i could come up with.

the cave (for IF "subterranean" & MA "castaway")

So this is my entry for this weeks topic "subterranean". Somehow i seem to be stuck with blue colours. Tried some acrylic this time for a little change.

Just posted it on Monday Artday aswell as it seems to be fitting the topic "castaway" too.

listening to music

Hoping that listening to Vivaldi might help bringing the spring back.
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