girl with the hat

I'm not completely sure, but I reckon I rather leave it like it is before messing it up. The photograph isn't as nice as the original piece as it has really soft colours. I decided against any outlines as I think it would destroy the airy feeling it has to it.

girl with the hat WIP

Here are some WIP pictures I've taken from my new watercolour illustration. The colours never seem as nice as on paper. I want to keep it as light as possible but with some nice lighting going on. Gonna be tough but I try to do my very best. I've got to leave it for now, as to get a fresher eye to it again and not messing everything up in the process. Anyway, let me know what you think.

girl with the hat sketch (IF 'ahead')

This is a sketch for a watercolour illustration I'm working on right now. Thought it fits with IF's topic 'ahead'. As I don't know whether I will be able to finish it in time I thought, I post the sketch first. I often like my sketches more than the final work. The roughness sometimes seems more appealing to me but would look odd in a final illustration with everything else as neat as I can possibly get it done.
I will post the watercolour as soon as I'm done with it.

the detective (IF)

Here comes another illustration for Illustration Friday. I went again purely digital. Thought it would be quicker, but honestly I don't really know whether this is any true.

I tried to add as much details as possible, so you guys get to see something and sneek around just like the detective in the image, trying to figure out what this is all about and what your case might be. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did drawing it.
Might do a little fix up here and there, 'cause I'm not completely happy with the outcome yet. We'll see.

the boy with the birds (IF "linked")

I linked quite few things in that image. Obviously the birds and the girls are linked. What actually links the girls apart from the birds to the boy feeding them is up to your imagination.

I mixed digital with coloured pencil this week. Just trying out different things. The image surely could need some more work, but I thought I post it now, as not to be as late as last week.
Comments are always welcome.

the pond (IF "dip")

I know I'm really late with my post for this weeks IF. Anyway here it finally comes. I decided to go again with watercolours 'cause I have the feeling of being in need of far more practice. Hope you guys enjoy it.
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