Monster's favourite PumpkinSoup (IF "spooky")

As Halloween is getting nearer and the deadline for submisions for the They Draw & Cook project was announced, I decided to do this illustration to serve both. My post isn't up yet and I hope, that not too many had the same idea. We'll see. I'm sure most of you know there site, but in case you haven't heard of it you should have a look.
I really enjoyed doing something different characterwise. After pondering a little what to do I went for this little monster and some ghosts.

Red Balloon (IF "transportation")

Some of you might have seen this illustration over at society 6 or even on my portfolio site already. Nevertheless, as it so much fits this weeks prompt I thought I also post it on my blog. It is again a piece I did for self-promotional material. I just recently received the postcards and businesscards from the printers and am very satisfied with the outcome. So now I will have to send them to publishers. Still a lot of work ahead with sorting through adresses and creating a mailinglist.

I really fancy a ballon ride even though those two have some trouble with keeping their mail in place due to some wind as it seems. But there is something really fascinating about it. I think it is because you can feel the wind on your face when taking off with a ballon and you can indeed see your environment from a completely different perspective, just like a bird. There is something romantic to it, not in this illustration though, but in my imagination.
So I hope you enjoy it! Let your imagination take you somewhere wonderful!

The New Toy (IF "beneath")

It's been a while since my last IF post. This illustration was initially done for promotional material and for my portfolio.
The little fellow and his huge new toy are lying beneath the starry sky in his bedroom. Probably after an adventurous day full of games and laughter. There is nothing better than having this one toy you love as a kid and still remember when you are grown up and maybe even have little ones of your own and see them having there best "toy-friend", be it a teddy bear, a doll or any other thing.

I hope you enjoy it! Have a wonderful week everyone!!!
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