Happy New Year - "resolutions"(IF)

This year went by so quickly and so many things have happened that I wouldn't have dared to dream of when it first started. One thing was starting this blog, which led to meeting lots of wonderful and talented people. And this again led to finally going really after my dream of becoming a children's book illustrator, which has also been a wonderful journey, that is still going on and will go on for a long time I hope.
My resolutions are of course very different from those of my Monster. He promised himself not to eat as much pumkin any more and to try some other vegetables and recipies too. We will see what comes of it.
Wish you all a happy new year!

Winter (IF)

It just happened I drew these kids recently and then the topic for illustration friday came up, so I just had to post them to go with the prompt.
I hope you are all warm and cozy!

Merry Christmas "Mail"

It is this time of year again and I have to admit I just really love it. So this is my little "mail" to wish all the people, who are celebrating this holiday no matter where you are, (but hopefully you could catch a flight or train to get to your families in time) a wonderful christmas.
I even have a little gift for you. This is the cover illustration I did for "Dream Chasers Magazine" January/Febuary 2011 edition, released only a couple of minutes ago. You can get a copy right here, if you like.

Cookies Recipe

This is another illustration I did for "They Draw & Cook" created and run by Nate and Sally. It actually is for their holiday contest. A lot of other artists followed the call and everyday during this month they will be posted on their site. So if you are still in need of some wonderful christmas recipes you should take a look at their site and try some of them.
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