Ebook of "Mrs. Mathilda's Dog"

One of my Sketchbook Project 2011 stories is now available for purchase on The Illustrated Section. This site is organized and led by Dani Jones, a wonderful children's book illustrator and comic artist herself. The content of the site is growing very fast and it is a very good way to give little stories and comics an audience. So you should have a look at it and keep an eye on it in the future, as lots of artists are putting work up there.
The story you can get there created by me is "Mrs. Mathilda's Dog". It is the second story in my sketchbook and I worked a little more on it, edited the text and added a few more illustrations. So anyone liking to have an ebook version of my ink and watercolour picture book, can now get a copy right there.

Announcing the Winner of my GIVEAWAY

So amazed how many people have actually entered my giveaway and spread word about it. So thanks to you all!!!!
And here we go. The lucky winner of my little giveaway is Marloes de Vries. You should pay her blog a visit, there is a lot of wonderful stuff up there.I will be in touch with you, Marloes,  via email to find out what kind of chocolat you would like to have and where to send it to. I will make sure the chocolat will not mess up the ink illustration or postcards.

Interview Feature on Trade Your Talent

Lovely Susanna featured me with an interview on her blog Trade your Talent, where she continuously interviews artists from various creative fields. Hope you enjoy my little ramblings. Make sure to check out all the  interviews by the other artists too.
And don't forget to enter my giveaway. Time is ticking away.

*1* year Anniversary Giveaway

It is almost a year since I started this blog. Time went by quickly and many things happened during this time.
I recently participated in a really nice charity project organized by Phil Haussler and his Marblesparkle colleagues, publishers of some great personalized children's books by the way. They are making a book full of poems and sketches to raise money that will help educate girls in Nepal. You can get more information here on their site, as it will take far to long for me to give you all the details.

But back to the GIVEAWAY  I am holding in celebration of this blogs 1 year anniversary
I will choose one winner randomly on the 18th Febuary, as this is the day I started this blog. The winner will get an original signed ink illustration with the dog from my second sketchbook story. (The illustration didn't go into the sketchbook, as I drew it after sending it off when I felt like working a little more on the story.) I will also put some postcards and a little special treat - a chocolat - in the parcel. The winner can also name which chocolat he/she would like to have - dark, white, crispy...whatever, as I am sure there are a lot of chocolat lovers like me out there! All you have to do to enter the giveaway, is leave a comment on my blog. To make sure I can get in touch with you, please leave your email adress aswell.
So good luck!
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