Rocket to the Moon (IF "toy")

This little boy has a very special toy, a wonderful huge teddybear he can take on adventurous journeys with him.

I am in the midst of arranging the last bits for Bologna. Printing my Portfolio, sorting through the postcards I will take with me (hopefully they will find their way to some publishers at the Fair) and all the other things one has to think of when going on a trip. So this is the very last post before I jump on the train down to Italy. I hope to share lots of stories with you afterwards. We'll see, I am so curious what it will be like as I have already heard great stories about Bologna. Although someone told me I should most importantly not miss out on the ice-cream. I will certainly not!

The Dragon (IF "cultivate")

This fellow certainly needs to cultivate his manners a bit. Gladly he just finished his meal and some of the animals are spared a rather tragic end.
This one was intended as a sample for a picture book I do with my friend Jennifer Poulter. I will have to do it again though, as the dragon will be in a different location. So back to my watercolours for a new illustration.

Bologna is getting nearer and I am getting more excited every day. I am still preparing things, putting together my portfolio and getting some postcards printed. Well, I will let you know what it was like. Just another week and I am off to italy.

Little Chef (IF "stir")

The prompt for this week's IF brought the image of this little girl instantly to my mind. She is a wondrous Chef and in the midst of cooking her favourite soup.
I've been really busy lately and glad to have found the time to do an illustration not only for personal and promotional use but also in watercolour, as I am trying to build a traditional to my digital portfolio.
I will be attending the Bologna Book Fair from 28th to 30th March. Anyone who would like to meet me there, drop me a line.

Don't foget to stop by the Illustrated Section. My ebook "Mrs. Mathilda's Dog" will be available for 0.99$ only til the end of this week.
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