Land of Big, Land of Small ("asleep" IF)

Seeing the prompt for this week I couldn't help but post this illustration to go with it. It is not exactly new, but I haven't shown it on this blog yet, so I guess it is ok and might even be new to some of you.

"Land Of Big, Land of Small" is a book project I am collaborating on with my friend Jennifer Poulter. It is one of my side projects, which I've been working on for quite a while now.
This illustration is one of the first spreads I had finished for this project. I hope to have some more spare time in the coming weeks to finally complete it.

"Getting Dressed" - Picture Book Commission

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. Finally I can share a little bit of the work I've recently been commissioned with by HarperCollins Big Cat for their Collins Educational series. I am very excited about this, as you might guess, as this is the very first picture book of me that will be out there!
"Getting Dressed"  will be published in September 2011. So for now it is only the cover I can show you, but I think it gives a nice hint of what to expect in the book. And once it is in the stores I will certainly share some more illustrations of "Getting Dressed" with you.

They Draw & Cook - The Book

It is time to finally announce the book of  "They Draw & Cook" is available for pre-order with a really nice discount on Amazon. You will find my illustration "Monsters Favourite Pumpkin Soup" along with 106 other illustrated recipies in it. So please help spread the word and also don't forget to treat yourself!

Nate and Sally also put together a little video. So you can have a little peak at all the wonderful art that will come to you with this book!

They Draw and Cook: 107 Recipes Illustrated by Artists from Around the World
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