Interview on "THE ARTFULS"

I've recntly been interviewd by Tony, the person behind "The Artfuls". The Artfuls is a site packed with lots of talented illustrators from various fields. My interview is now up. I hope you enjoy it!

Jumping Around

These two little fellows just launched a new game - blossom hopping. It is obviously simply fun, only thing is, you have to be extremely tiny to be able to play it, otherwise it isn't funny at all.

I did this watercolour illustration for Gallery Nucleus and their charity project "Power In Numbers". It is available on their site for little money and part of it will go to Unicef. This is kind of a launch for me too, as this is the very first piece I am selling through a gallery.

"Wee Granny's Magic Bag" - Picture Book Commission

Beside "Getting Dressed" I illustrated another picture book recently for Picture Kelpies an imprint of Floris Books titled "Wee Granny's Magic Bag". The story is written by Elizabeth McKay and is really cute and entertaining. The book will be released 22nd September 2011, so it is again only the cover and the sample I can show you.

I do have a little story for you though about this very project. You surely remember my participation in the Sketchbook Project 2010. Well, this very project helped me land this commission. Amazing, I know!
I met with the editor at the Bologna Book Fair for lunch. It was so nice to meet her in person and give the name a face.
As we sat there in the itailan sunshine she told me that she had received my promomailer and as she liked the illustrations she went to my website, to have a look at what else I had to offer, as they were not interested in digitally created art. At the time I sent my first mailers out I only had a digital portfolio but also had a sketchbook section. When looking at my sketchbook pages she thought I might just be the right illustrator for the book. She asked me to do a sample illustration of a certain part of the story.
I did the sample and got the job!
I never would have thought that my sketchbook could land me a job, but it sure did.
It was a wonderful project and I will tell you and show you a little more about it, as soon as possible!
Until then I hope you enjoy the two pieces I can already share with you!

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