Seasons Greetings with the Penguin Greeting Card

2011 is almost over. My gosh, that one went by so quick, I am still working on last bits and then I am off on my Christmas Holiday.
I am very happy with all the opportunities and projects I was able to work on. Last year about the same time I was still hoping and dreaming of being an illustrator, now, a year later, I can claim to be a published illustrator and soon author. What more can you ask for!?! I hope that 2012 will hold as just as many wonderful projects for me and I want to say thank you to all my wonderful clients, it's been lovely working with you!
I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year! And hold on to your dreams! 2012 might just be the year to make them come true :-)!

See you all next year!!!!!!!

Bear - Greeting Card

Unbelievable but it's only a week until Christmas. I am still in the midst of a picture book commission and preparations for our own family Christmas activities.
The card below is also the illustration I am using this year to send out to clients and potential clients. It is a watercolor illustration with a bit of digital touch up. For instance the sky and foreground were put together using Photoshop, although both were created traditionally. I also used a bit of collage in this one with the presents.

Well, I hope there is a cuddly bear close to you making sure all your presents arrive in time! This one is in a real hurry but having lots of fun in the snowy mountains.

Stork and Robins - Greeting Cards and more

I've just returned from London where I attended the Christmas Party of my agency and met all of the lovely Bright team aswell as some of the wonderful illustrators they represent such as Daniela Dogliani and Benji Davies and many many more (shame one of them doesn't have a blog, I would have liked to share a link! You know who you are ;-)). It was really nice to actually get to meet the people behind the art.
I also met Sandra Dieckmann for a cup of coffee and hot chocolate which was extremely nice, as I've kind of known her via twitter and blogger for I think almost a year now. She is such a lovely person and in case you don't know her, I highly recommend visiting her blog as she truly is an illustrator extraordinaire!

I promised you I'd be posting some more of my greeting cards artwork, so here you go. And as mentioned before they all differ a little in style. The ones below are mixed media with traditional ink and digital colouring. I really like the kind of clean and delicate look it gives the illustrations. And in case you wonder what a stork has to do with Christmas, not much really, I am afraid. But I thought it kind of funny to let a stork bring the birds presents for Christmas because they surely would have no clue what to do with a human baby ;-).  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mouse and Squirrel - Christmas Greeting Cards

I thought it'd be nice to post some Christmas themed greeting card illustrations I recently did for my agency. For the following seasonal weekends, I'll be posting those cards for you and hope they add to your festive mood. They surely do so for me, but I love Christmas anyway.
When joining the my new agency I told them, that I also wanted to do some licensed art, and as they have a whole "unit" just dealing with this, I got a brief and then was very free to take my chance. After some thinking about which characters to go for, I ended up with the idea of a mouse and a squirrel. I wanted them to be cute and set in a white wintery scenery with some birds and snow to add more movement.
The illustrations are digital but I have some traditional and mixed media ones up my sleeve. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy!

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