Storybook Brushes - a Group Calendar Project

The recent months I have been working on a lovely collaboration with three other fine picture book artists. Katriona Chapman, Angela Matteson, Juana Martinez-Neal and me have joined our creative pencils and created our very first calendar together. Storybook Brushes is the group name we go under. Each one of us created three new pieces related to Fairytales & Myths. The idea was to create a lovely product we can promote us with but also have a lovely item to sell, which will make a great gift. So yes, this calendar can be bought from Katriona's and my shop for $10/ 8€!

It has been great to work on this project. We chatted long ours and often Angela and Juana woke up to a pile of mails Katriona and I had already send each other or wise versa. Always amazing what opportunities the internet can provide :-) and makes you forget at times that there are time zones and people in the middle of their dreams while you already started your day.
At the moment all our files are at the printer but soon we will have the calendar in our hands. This is so exciting! So all orders placed now will be pre-orders, but we make up for that with a little extra gift we will send you along, in case you order early. All proceeds we make are going to make up for our printing costs, which is why we sell this calendar at such a fair prize!

So here is one of the pieces you will find in our Storybook Brushes 2013 calendar. It shows the story Thumbelina, a story I have loved as a child and still do. I never illustrated it before so I thought it the perfect opportunity to finally have a go at it.

I created the piece in my mixed media style. I pondered a long time in what style to work, as I wanted my pieces to be consistent in style and not go with one style a piece, this seemed like the right solution. The illustration was created on a pencil foundation and then colored in with lots of scanned textures. I also played a little with the white space in all of my three pieces, as I loved having it in my ink work and was wondering how to incorporate a similar effect maybe to my other styles.

All of us will be blogging about this calendar and showing a new piece featured in the calendar one at a time. So make sure to also stop by the other ladies blogs to see what we've created for our Storybook Brushes 2013 calendar.

Winner announcement of Hampelino

The winner has been chosen randomly. One Hampelino game will go to ... drum roll ... Catherine Friess! Catherine, please get in touch via email so I can send you your Hampelino game!

Der Gewinner wurde per Zufallslos ermittelt. Ein Hampelino Speil geht an ... Trommelwirbel ... Catherine Friess! Catherine, bitte schicke mir eine Email mit Deiner Adresse, so dass ich dir dein Spiel zukommen lassen kann!

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