Some party paper products for a cute school start - giveaway

From time to time I get to work on some lovely commissions not related to books at all. And sometimes they happen to become beautiful products. So it happened almost two years ago, when I was approached by a German company producing paper goods mainly aimed at all things school related, or to be more precise school start related.

The other day I received a big parcel with my samples! It felt like Christmas in spring :-)! Well, it actually alway does, when I receive samples, as somehow this feeling never seems to fade away, when receiving those wonderful parcels from clients!

I am also extremely happy with the quality of the products, which you can purchase right here ;-)!
It is a series of party paper goods to celebrate the start of school.

In Germany we have a tradition that is not necessarily common all around the globe (let me know, if I am wrong about this :-)!). The first day of school children in Germany go to school with their families and, which is the important part to all the kids here :-), a huge "Schultüte", which is a large cornet of cardboard filled with lots of sweets and tiny presents. I still remember my first day of school and how heavy my "Schultüte" was. I almost couldn't carry it, tiny as I was :-)! And I was so eager to open it and see what was inside. But you have to wait until the end of school until you can peek inside or simply rip the cone open and spill all the goodies on the floor :-).

The "Leni & Paul" party paper series has a girl and boy set and is for the party to go with a school start. There is a card, napkins, a garland, paper bag and some more fun things like an activity book, book sign etc. As I haven't done a giveaway in ages and feel it is about time to hold one again, I am giving away one girl set and one boy set!

All you have to do to have a chance of being one of the two randomly chosen winners is leave a comment on this blog! The giveaway ends 1st June 2014!

Good luck!
The giveaway is now closed!
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