A very special coloring book - "Blütenzauber"

I did something just for the fun of it - a coloring book. Another one, I hear you say - well, that was my thought too, to be honest. When the idea grew I was pondering just the same question, why do yet another coloring book?

And then the next question popped up, what could I do to make my coloring book stand out from the crowd? It is a question basically every creative bumps into when developing a product. What is it that I have that no one else has?

Well, it took me a lot of pondering and pulling my hair until I had an idea. And I believe this idea is great, without wanting to sound too big headed, but after months of pacing the floor in the spare minutes between commissioned projects and running a family of five, this is what I came up with - a coloring book you can piece together to a big full artwork. Something you can frame and hang on the wall and even make more unique with additional elements to glue to. So we are talking approximately 30.5inches x 30 inches final art here (76cmx74cm) even the book measures only 5.25inches x 8inches. Isn't that great?

This project has been very dear to me for many reasons, but one of them being, and maybe this is even the most important one, this is something I did just by myself and for myself. No restrictions other than the ones I gave myself due to the mere idea and concept of the coloring book. This is so very exiting, believe me. So when I had uploaded all my files to Amazon and received my proof copies, the natural thing to do ,was call my spouse and squeal this very excitement into his ear. Yes, I know, poor guy, but he knew it had to be good and I needed to share, otherwise I do not squeal at him, I promise. (And be glad you could not hear it also!)

So here it is, my special take on a coloring book titled "Blütenzauber" (German edition). It really is a small book with a big surprise. I've tested the gluing part right after calling my spouse and you know what it is like to be over excited and do something that needs calm hands and concentration. You kind of cannot piece it together quick enough. Take it from me, better take your time and calm down. I managed it and it works nicely, so I could hit the publish button, knowing I did all my homework and hopefully get a few of you squealing too, when you have colored the pages and cut them from the book and pieced all of them together. Make sure to send me pictures so I can squeal with you :-)!


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